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    Artist Seda Boy was born in Sakarya in 1991 and successfully completed her education in Ceramic and Glass Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2017.

    Embracing a conceptual approach in her art practice, Boy prefers to create installations by utilizing repeated forms shaped by symbolism. Employing various materials, she explores the societal impacts of human-created issues in her works. Her pieces, rich in societal, cultural, contemporary, historical, and political references, transform memory, spatial perception, and time, prompting viewers to contemplate and question. While primarily focusing on ceramics, Boy frequently incorporates contemporary media such as photography, video, and performance art, enriching her expression with sensory elements like light and sound.

    Encouraging viewers to embark on an inner journey, Boy's works offer a perspective that questions the boundaries of representation and the interaction between the viewer and the artwork.

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